Wednesday, August 20, 2014

holden minute

who can dare to lift the
insect trump - Mrs. L.H. Sigourney -
the shape of born borne beaten
wind dead faint hills damp
bound bitten bled sp lice of
life and broken bred edges
builded from this distance cast
caught children shattered in
my wrist claved cloven tree
clung clad come of life crowed
appartiions philology crept cut
dared over the balcony done
drawn driven forlorn drunk
skin dwelt eaten fallen dis
order hammered ankle fought
found fled faint ink leaking on
the circular ruins flung flown
frozen in that envelope girt
given gone aphasia graven
salt waves had hung like hours
heard and hewn

...sand body...

I fumbled through Ivan Argüelles, “orphic cantos, 81”, 2014, & William Hall, Encyclopedia of English
Grammar, Columbus, Ohio: Scott & Bascom, 1850.


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