Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the stream



...nothing’s left...

 hiS  waL l

the echo

luster crawls a ,cross the
sand wich or a craw
ling finger in the cheese a
luster lumpy where the
light oozes from yr
fingered eye a mirror
slick with grease ojo
de agua perdido en el
pedregal your grease
luster lost behind the
collar where yr lost
olvido’s crusted with
yr caspa was the water
white with flame

...puerta rota...

the bit

wrath fold ,cald era fría
folded in yr suitcase was
the shape of mold the sha
ved buttocks packed and
dribbling for a wipe the
suitcase where yr f
raught corruption shapes
the ending watch the
wiping of las nalgas del
principio ,reloj del agua
ending where yr c off
begins las nalgas anu
dadas del enojo que
te hace ver lo ciego

...fútbol ,muralla.

la revista

toaster ,corn flag ,tous
led hand you left be
hind ,the fridge or
toaster ,where you f
lagged the wandered
pants emptied the
space of hand the cor
n slid in foto del
aire cegada o mano
tuerta foto de la
foto misma con las
moscas con las ar
añas behind the fridge
where yr fingered
vacuum gropes and
finds the...

...taste ,a hair.


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