Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the is

spelled the hung er my
leg swoll  )L the dou
ble ph one the d ouble
p hone I ccalledd my
ththigh its clotted ha m
y l ung ex planation s
poke back into my m
mouthth where the ash
congealed where the  )sal
ted shoe(   ‘s’s


the seen

my foot ,which the lunch
and glass was ,the floor
flew was what I said the
salad shrinking in a lake
was your forking lips your
eyes the wheels what
has passed I sez to you
will pass ,the cebolla
en su bruma colorada
your shirtsleeve is the
sausage in your throat yo
ur throat and glass is sal
ad is your forking eyes
is the wheel passing
through your sausage

What meaning is hidden beneath his tongue?
- Ritual of the Bacabs

the ink

dreamed the wet lunch the
faucets dreamed a sack of
peels and shoulder lost the
wet sack my shirt swam
across the peeled water
was my dream of stone
rising through the trees the
trees were instructions b
led where Lunch was b
right with ants were
woven for my shirt my
aching shirt remembered see
n across the crawing water

sort of ,shaped

the sieve

tomar A flojar yr in
sect storms the moon a
neck ,river  .the trembled s
tool the gravel talking in yr
plumbing where the soap m
ist s t      s ≈ ; ≈ ; ≈ ; ≈ ; ≈ ; 
a pen re duction was your
answer and a thumb inside
the skull’s ƒ clot ted
water was a jar a question
:lip or pencil ,bat
and laundry burning ,a
tragantado ,T ieso

        ...was the swarm light

Wearing a mosquito net, he poked the turd.
- Baron Geraldo


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