Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the really

so I dudoubted all
the  ...waisted in the
water’s pale lung
yr  ...knot suit ,f
“lung” agaghast the no
te ,b all of noseblow
,kinda ratty ,een yr d
rooly sh irt yr h
opping sw an thropod
or  ...what’s that r
uns ,along the lapping

the soul

beets numbered d ragging
clouds across the bed
yr heap neck decrusts
yr dog’s pile ay b
ank sin L y por eso
el banco’s vaciado
ni mon eda tiene ni
haspirina  .nor the roott
recounting nor the “he
headache” otrora men
cionada  .)))just think
,or blank ,and cclutch
yr cc oinns                

the shale

ex spinning conconju
gation wear yr lap
pest uululation what yr
fat fork lost a th
read shivering in the
desk lamp light yr
}numbered shorts{  a
faucett ccrime a
lotería flying from the
second floor    █              █

buzzing ,bust

the chump

really knob-like ,wizzened
,courtly ,if the sc
oured throat spoke a
s tone a s lab o’ s not
.was capless really ,noddding
,ccrawled a ,b lister ,n
ails cclinkkink in your ffeet
a “really was” eh hah
mattered darkly where the
irrigation canal minds a
way beneath the bloody

relentless ,and a ddepth


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