Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the angle

bblood on the snsnow a
] ──≡ fork[  chewed up
in the spsplintered tee
tth a dog mile crashed
 )now ,then(  a raw
llink ggreasy ppiggy an
the jjawless fface b
lanks up sky whe
re the listened negck
crawls and a

tongue’s humped rot

la jaqueca

plac ard iente who
lly wallets where the d
oor oncet was ah
long hopping neck ah e
ndoemetic force attr
action HEEL heel
into the sopppy rrug the
spider drowned an pin
ched the ear ,list
ened to the paper’s
char the wet black
crumbpling on yr labp qu’un charnel polypier.
- Arthur Rimbaud

le téton

blinded chain an ,ekto
smorph or ,pisant ,rus
ty lingks la tortellini in
mortal the flying head the
bloody hat the ,index for
k s tuck in yr arm a
hah a chchewing off the
strings  .the burning shape
the  .forma informada in
formante in formactiva in
yr strreaked and burrning sh

...mes salives desséchées...
- Arthur Rimbaud

the and

osteo mentation ,griminal
inmintation’s sugary shirt
it’s where yr “shshoe” ‘s
debrides a coin a coff a
cabalgata de intonsos de
los sin piel  los inde
dictos carrying the tongues
in bloody pockets  )your
wheezing collar((

napkins ,and a swallowed dirt


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