Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the altar

worme nove grease offoff sli
ppery clumpoffoff the itechno
sea poets offoff altogether
reel echo pod offoff offoff
silective feeding of the fenceoffoff
phantoms offoff salvaged
hybridodermis bulkoffoff v
ertical psychiatry broken
raterial offoff eels st
ories focal offoff writing
markets presente ribs trove
offoff footprints ,font ,ifif
offoff poof gas eye
parabolic offoff net railing
,the soap ,the wash ,the battles
offoff surplus shadows off
off poisonous footprints of offoff
loops shift the thigh lines the
salt sock liquidoffoff
offoff self-manifest ,chew
the bunny the bunny off offoff

With chunks hacked off Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 68, 2014

the D

emptied off the filthy
glass off D flies off what
gassed off the born D ch
airs struggling off the carpet
off the asphalt mexico D
invisible mescal feathery in
D diesel horn’s distant
noon off instant trance
inside space off outside
the space of rotting fruit
off D ruins never
ceased D knocked D sp
iraled off downwards to the
rusted rain D tangled skirts
off the restaurant walls off
the drunk bull D flux dreams
again and off the revolving
doors the fogged D backwards

With fog from Ivan Argüelles’
                                        “the end of the world”, 2014


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