Thursday, February 27, 2014

the wave

...yr foggy leg”  wha
t astes the slot’s m
ist loss’ suit lunch d
rib b  l   e  what the
sweaty fork re f lected w
as the F enhancement ,dou
ghy clouds dragging down
the window  ┌─┐dead ,,,f,,,
,l,i,e,s,,, on sill┌─┐  ))yr fiss
ured negck(((  the corn
born the laundered shoe’s
chewed bread  ]balOney
sandwich frOm the dumpster[
so the sky Forgetting ,wob
bles in yr exhalation

wind ,or closing the eyes

in xipe

chew chew the for
tify your half wr
wriggly leans a
gainst yr sti
fffer halff a lo
x suit ,locked ,w
hen Bisturí las co
costillas addresses ,el
snore filoso ,pez
espejo pulsing on yr
p late ,reloj que
es ,and shield with
spiders  .cómete el
tecolote por el lado
airado el lado sin
sentido ,del ojo n
onocturno que sueña
en la carne ,ba
barbacoa del día

the stir

of tense
]or tent[

otra vez el cogote


el brazo ,pues ,se vuela


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