Monday, December 2, 2013

the in

in the warm bed’s water in
the sluggish shirt in a
comb’s swoll grease  ...clus
tered ggnatts a  ...pencil in
the center charred ▬▬~▬▬
“lá piz Ñ ,where you dr
owned ,ininside the surface leg one wet...

the sure

the flaking hammer throat the
is sue he ave ,twendty sh
ames c oiling in yr ,opti
c hat a sw eat s oil an
,comb inaction ffallling at
the itch  )or soup(  yr s
teaming he el ¡ay inemin
ente!  ¡rel oj brum oso!  )o
mas ticar en sor dina(  wh
ere the s ardine f lag f
lobps wetly on the w alll...
)what was banging in my
quickly swallowed ,each
ten eye eh d rained
and stinging on the crum
bpled page ,uh’s espejo

dog eating out a bucket

the whirl

should soak or ,ham
indicator flag ,time to
,flail or, peel the shoe
,yr out gown gasp dumb
ler ,offal sag why tall
gland rejection ,drown
ing coast ,the further
gag reveals ,stone
tooth or ,pliant cr
own and ,dribbling gas
,denser ,than yr coat
burger ,or flanged ,a
town obliteration ,what the
wood ,a disappears ,in
defocussed ,where the grass
returns ,a toothy face

and chicken feet in the corners

the sowing

pest e la chu te the pat
h the st ones yr cor n
at ters at the w all’s a
c logging of the l egs or
sm oking b lank et ched
a cross yr face’s mu
D the it ching in the h eel...


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