Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ccchhheese whhheedle

er emanation ,entry ,dog c
lip shapes the finger hhhh
eld my form or armb
urger hhhhhelper  )ape dr
awn lunch(  Yep ,An
diron ,yr pull closet fu
lla lllllint an escalation
.went out ,tried cash ,s
warmed the throttled J

“yr nate yr ache ,F
leddy singing”

Half the apes were...
- Cap’n Cook


uh ,neck it’s  .late in
crowding o half o loot
.the pooled throat and
,half hills ,yr streaming
thigh remembered ham
ster house embolism and
crackers ,just uh wh
eezy swallow  )o the
hairball !(  rain curd
les in the basement where
the tress archive brightly
moulders and yr long leg
histoire’s curling on
the walls
La mort le fait fremir, pallir;
Le nez courber...
- François Villon

reap the wind

rust upon yr loo t a
singing fog ah knotty one
,barreled ,ptomaine ,sh
ort sleefs   rayed
ligke fflags  )dot’s touse
led ,lang charm butt er s
tongue ,up(  on the st
inking lake yr leap
enabled like a b
omber lengua  ...t rust
Oma ,b lot yr .d.u.s.t............

...what choking says.
- Samuel Beckett

lo do

te sob o me
at aca do lo
acre de mi
t   a   z   a

woo l

lo ma ta
do she
ep p ile
dans la

ru le

or s hat o
r r ose o
s too d a
gain st th


Blogger 7th tejuino/ said...

mu on the mud lcura dividida espejo en la palmera del recuerdo in my mind ist the coloquial mindset in the journey of esferactos est,comida de eterna disolve please in caldo the lucums, art art art !! ( 8 )

November 24, 2013 at 9:41 PM  

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