Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the pile

is ,a n it ch c rate ,tan
ta minimierda en la cor
onta ,engastada ,pus
ilánime ,my ask scratch
,the ton bow lumbers on my
shoulders ,embraced ,was
luggage-shook ,or loot
,chucked out the window
where I’m left ,clutching the
cob ,your dusty rings falling
from the table ,like a
lurker in the curtain ,or
yr sombra ashed ,what
grime it is ,a luncheon
squabbled in the grimy
throat ,what st icks
,and swallows your ex

Un verso, un día son la misma cosa
si nacés en movimiento.
- Roxana Páez


the chew

souhaite ,the thorn lac
ustre ,formalín inen
fático ,uh “I” ,)said(
intowelence defactoed
,your shutty slake’s
long steep boiling  .in
haptic ,defocaled, rut
inario-like et je el sordo
suis  .pages burn on the
steps ,or ladder rattling up
the pirámide 4th   ))where a
face convects a face
convexed ,its sha dow
how ler ,your tongue
in the sandwich folded ,b b
b listers and((  bloody socks

...la cabeza en un enjambre de insectos.
- Roxana Páez


change cloud ,mort
er got the loaf
,offal ,aim yr ,nug
gut  ]door[  re
leased the dim mer
sw itch ,rain fauce
t ,c limb the with
ered st airs ,yr
forkless lip divis
ion’s but ,dog lot
,the bricks are falling
)yr grunting shoe(
L L  L   L        L            
and blow the other
way  .inside the
flat low lake

...cállate, pues.
- Don de Ziego


los sentidos

lake laundry watch de
habitation the empty
hands yr stone’s vom
it’s yr pocket’s cloud
,an en try esc apes ,yr
armpit than a dumpster
cleaner ,than a pizza
box dancing with  flies   
,where the alley ends ,or
starts ,where the angle
of light’s ,reversed ,in
3 directions ,the 4th and
5th turning slowly on a
,dime ,aire ,¿vaciarme
no puedes?

a hora y nu nca más

Tiene lo que los chinos llaman li,
es decir, conducta de orientación cósmica...
- José Lezama Lima


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