Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the ink

foments the aspirina
happy frost gist the
pinnacle sodden s
hoe conductivity fest
ering in the binder was
a trout flopping in your
lung writhing bread
calcification through o
through the Frigidaire
whistles in yr sinking
boot your corn inhaled
such grit such holes
such fingering the chamber
pot billows loudly
through your faceplant
sputtery journal gestures
where the thumbnails sweat
inside the fecund treasury

sin caja, con viento

With clippings from Reed Altemus’
“oblong millenarians”

the syringe

the igneous clamor in your
backpocket seated on a
fly torque the swallowed
flame operation’s drooling
in the hologram you f
olded off yr hat nimbus
separations bask out
side the spoon drainage
from the clown’s waxing
tonsure scrabbled in the
trailerpark’s gravel
halitosis jargon sausage
in the trachea’s binary
boiler toilet o the base
ment urn tethered to yr
syllabic ducts’ effusions
knot entonations fafalling
off the slab

en el cenote, la llave

With fumes emanating from
Reed Altemus’ “the Venetian affable”


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