Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the stain s

hi s shoul der s and wich
s teams h is ch ain
lub frication whi stly
d ream too L with
dry balon ey and a L
ist’s filled with yappy
dog ,rice writhing in’s
coffee with the  f
    n       r
you ate the storm laundry
where the last lint convected
,lost ,means wha ,what rubbed
the back of’s neck where
the thought’s run down

I was close ,but
dropped away

Vaciar tu cabellera sobre el mundo
- Vicente Huidobro

c amino

nostril leg’s the ,if plung
er soap compaction when
,behind the tree ,toward
the metal river ,walking me
mento o mo mento ,al meter
el dedo ,fulgur ante ,des
pués fi gura ,con mocos
con manos ,manco ,met
ido en el foso ,ventana
mojada ,where a breeze
explains the cold or
gripe thickening in yr
step yr  )))lung infarction

A lo largo del camino
He deshojado mis dedos
-Vicente Huidobro


la vida es un río...

sure loose ,temple g
ate mouth the sandwich
spews falling teeth
on the tongue’s sacbé
rue de la castration
rituelle ,c’est vrai
,the lunge and swallow
,crept intact ,doubly
shadowed in the single
light ,ropes in the
wind whipping ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

))dog pile ,ghosts of flies
,something burning over
the hill(((

a river of fish dying
writhes toward the sea
≈ ≈  ≈   ≈    ≈     ≈      ≈       

Le sperme coule à flots...
- Antonin Artaud

chaos ,owl

muddy humo que mis
gafas speak knotted
pozos mask of plexiglass
,irreversible sin cama
yr photo basement rasping
in tus miembros the yellow
wind numbing sand estrella
de hierba tilting in the
water tienes sombra
,madre ,verás los jero
glíficos de arena ,liquid
spelling of the vegetation
que vuelve borracha ,f
lowing backward

...aspirin and cigarras...

Groping the direction in Ivan Argüelles’
“canción de la mariposa ciega”, “Ginger
Plant”, “song, a”, & “thalassa”


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