Wednesday, October 9, 2013


l’honneur du paysage faux )Mal
llarmé where my chaise sli
ppery wuth cheese throned yr
dog o clotty one  .melt the
fingered cube  !]muddy glass
in the stinking weeds[  par
mille écumes bénie and yr
scuttled shorts  .a lap a
stunt a chudding fan t
aps the wall where the
nul’s shouldered by a
crawling bird
¡Cuidado con la substancia
humana de la poesía!
- César Vallejo

Are you drunk?

,t,he d,rip h,all ,m,ate w,as
sp lashing on yr leg  .le
g  .ease sand my w
ashing thru yr floo
dead library ay d
rifts of mil dewed b
ooks my FLYING T
HIGH yr c rested g
un laundry and that
g reen th rashing th
rough the o pen wall
...your long towel your...
bean fog wandered in
the night
...l’ivresse des questions...
- René Char



your viscous pore need
le plunder shadow rice
dribbling from yr pockets
- runny face and crows -
ah loud wallet crowning
from yr neck ¡ cr
aw next the dumpster
)swallowed lake a
claw ,sugar and gravel

when the beaked skin
was peeled,,,,,,,,,uh
slug emerged

cor nair

chew the sand s aw d
og led the stip pled s
hed where just the skull
remained  )foundered(  in’s
encaustic shirt the  )sleeve
stuffed with dessication bees
the( sleeve of wind ~ ~ )Tlaloc
b links the rain a tunnel
through yr suits me in
,uh ,time emit emission’s
,rusty ,sunken sedan its
algae eye my hard neck
and gu ttered tr out

crawl ,spill the peas ,the
flicker says

...has rendered ehtooms/as hierro...
- Olchar E. Lindsann


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