Sunday, October 13, 2013

the lip

shudder did ,an voting ,en
lodado ,el túmulo invisible
,under the paper where the
centipede sleeps ,or lurks ,if
distinction’s wheeled ,the sharp
bone ,sweated dry ,its kno
bby end ,or grounded snore
released ,a foggy poem dissa
pates ,tired but losing air. .  .   .     .
,weeds smoulder on the
berm the leg once pas
sed and the cuaderno ,sin
hojas ,árbol plano antañero
,espejo del be blank  hescrito
,falls to the gravel floor
,and remembers the awful lunch
Sobre el pupitre un tintero y un
cuaderno de escritura.
- Francisco Cuervo Martínez,
México: Libro de Lectura...tercer año..., 1940.

the sign

the clod suit spores the 
  aimed air withdrawn wh
at’s stymied fingery in
yr uh sausage wallet  SSS  dr
oned corn syrup dripping
from yr sleeves yr muddy
pants and drifting ,dots of
light žžŸŸŸ ,a wheel cloud ,mu
te sores named beneath
yr hair  ...)was born was
gripping was lingered in the
rabbit hole((  ...sweaty
dóòr  ...nul vestige
de meubles

...une petit musique circonflexe...
- Jacques  Prévert


the egg or fan

my shouldered leg my
eh ,the ,tome tomb yr
,lobbed knackage ,frames
creeping up the wall my
muddy neck my feet or
breeze pause nost
ril ~  plunging knob ah
hahh twenty wavelengths
under the bed shuddering
on its pills BOIL THE C
LOUD  )...pause... ...yr
knot or lung...  tried to
...oiling in the sleep

...untando con su sangre la piedra...
- Fr. Diego de Landa


the clouds

as if she estas cosas
delta flirting de las idol
atrías y borracheras taller
for the hijos pequeños mou
th shifting de mala gana
the stoned waist alpha
bet pensando que querían
escalvos zonking all the
war gods que de seis letras
usaban his massive face
must doblar la lengua
PPa apretando her sex
won’t look back a
castigar the carping son
nets de cal o ceniza
under the darkening lid con
nuevas letras where danced
las limosnas of the residual
day slithering en la sangre
the tousled ornamentos
o red shift o backside o
Ixtab a lo largo de la casa

Auto de fé of Ivan Argüelles’
“hymn to aphrodite” and
Fr. Diego de Landa’s
Relación de las cosas de Yucatán


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