Monday, September 23, 2013

filthy chowder

meat and sand the
wall’s lap protectant’s
dribbling in the falling hole
yr regurgitant chewed
,what stuns its  ik  ik  ik
the desert ,with rain ,fills
,choppy grey lake ˄˄˄˄˄˄˄
rabb its twitching on the
shores sodden books
tongues for markers and
,like syrup ,I sank into
my pants  ink  ink  ink
where yr facial claw
retracts the udder
clown inhales~.~~..~.~...~~.~
~.~..~.~...~silted air~..~.~...~~..~.~~..~

La circulation souterraine que alimentait
nuit et jour...
- Antonin Artaud


tu cancro beso tu fu
marola insensible un pl
ato es un reloj indemne
como mi pierna izquierda
,mierda ’muj, ’ me‘j, ‘ m’aj ‘  
m’or‘tal la bhoca finis
tierrah que de hablar no
se deja en nada tengo las
cosas ,el bubo invol
cánico que mis labios ,rein
vertidos ,repartidos ,se acer
can lad rantes con su pus
legible y su nunca audible por
la jeta abstracta ,con trozos
de inf ante

...atle ipan ninentlamati...
- Anónimo; recogido por Ruiz de Alarcón



sieze heel ,arm the
name crowd log ,obvi
metrics and the spiral
wind ,across the laun
dried lake the leaf
tunnel ,clattering with
stones ,where a sod
den book repaged the
tale ,barking down the
stairs ,to the sloshing
basement ,where the
index swirls the in
sects drown ,and
lift your shoe

...gakk, sppit, chhoke...
- Nick L. Nips


fucking loot
ahn bomb

door an shale




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