Wednesday, September 18, 2013

lunch wheel

your wheeling lunch your
jostling shirt your ouch
hameter unfolding in yr
pocket ── chaise of
carne asada an da a
ir escu pitazo mas
carte el tenedor  .)your
squealing your tossing your
door recording  ...(  what
‘s crawling off your p
late what’s left ,b
reathing in yr lap

the boiler the loot the
slice of pepper jack

escrito con pluma

es peranza es camado es
pumoso ,del coche rut i
lante ,si ruta me queda
p’alante ,temor ,culeado
,fornido de rayos apagados
,es ,carretera en llamas ,lo
ladrante ,lo perro que se
fué de la puerta la pu
erta vacía                     me
va la encía me
va el pie me va el t
rueno de mi cabellera sin
grava sin colillas sin las
basuritas brillantes del
sol antañero ,serpiente
que se come las plumas

so so so

So I spun the sod den
corn nap the car stea
ming like a bush your
back seat stuffed with
pillows and a shovel on
the stove a pot of ears
boils ants clouds sw
eating on the ceiling wh
ere I hung my itching
shoe ;;; sung the clotted
morn my charred hat
seems ,your crushed f
eet your bills and trouble
;;;  yr fears knotted in
yr pants just drop yr
jaw let the gnats c
rowd in ****************

...feu de l’air...
- Comte N. U. d’Âge


blind tlaloc

On the sweltering floor  yr
face loot squalls a tower
giggling in its tturdy opa
lesence oh ffoggy comb an
lintel where yr eyes are
carved ! ;;;;; saw the
ants glyph scrawl a way ;;
;;; the Ttree center full
of stOones the corn showers
]ssomethhing mmeltinng under the
bed[   )my shoes speaking in
the headache ...the clloud
brreathes the lleg the yyolk the
lleg ...o

- C. Haac


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