Wednesday, September 11, 2013


dicta pur ant ra hat s
lapped as the hard wind
gagged in  .my inner
coal its reeking fume
s I s wallowed out the
do or I said or sl
ammed my foo
t a gain st where what
:ease of drinking what
the coffee spills  .)))yr
notes in my ththroat

is sstticky air


brack a hOle enter is
thmus where the temp
les burn ,alarm c
locks bursting ,tab
les shimmer in the
heat yr clotted arm
pit’s set to spurt
.what wobbles for ,wh
hat floors what neck you
ling ered in t he aft er b low

whistling in yr smoking trees


rotting the shoe yr no
te yr fraught fat
igue yr ,angle ir
on an a rusted screw
.bleed the for tress g
argled down yr b
ack where the boiling
corpses lay  .mi lum
inesencia mi cu
ervo flojo mi ,odd
antenna ,f lake sl
icing through yr sock
donde algunos de tus
dedos se velan

where the itching crowns


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