Monday, August 5, 2013

ch ert

duh w all ex
plo d es da
mni fak ir
re dent i
fric io


w hy

‘s nent  ‘s
babloot ba
ba ifi c
ante el temp
lo loh lihbr
os que

m~  a~  d~  o~  s~

flo od or

sh elf a rose a
g ape f
lees a f
ile melts ajh

))     a  ((





;;hu;m  ;id  i;n  th;e ;;; s
u;;n ; ;  ;   ;

,steak ,wallet ,p
ants ,g
ristle ,sm

foggy  shoe   n
eck  to
plastig  (sure  sur  e( (  (   (

))f ist ((



your cheese your lung yo
ur nap kin struggling
to be backbone ringing
with pain your loan y
our bomb your outer
hell with its shining
core your  )marshmallows
stiffen under the ch
air bean dip spreads
across the table a sh
roud falls from the
ceiling light a single
spider skitters in a
circle your foot you
r leaking pen your
skinned notebook
slapped to your chest
where the heart rum
bles toward a
smoky door mon grand oeil
est sans saveur
- Benjamin Péret


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