Monday, July 29, 2013


each it nunc  .t one
f lack I sp read out
side the sweaty man
sion where un frac un
lac une assiette me de
letreaban the end of
daze was sh
aking back the ,ladder
clod ,mute fork ,b
uns s ack...  ))inner neck
your flog watch((

where my murdered toe...
never floundered at the
door  .
...une assiette que devint son miroir...
- René Char 


nunca fonéticos ,mis pedos ,p
ido fuete para calmarme
las tripas un lente  .rumor
de tuerca absconded in yr
pillow with the charred
TV remote  )yr sausage(
a flaked beef bowl ,naide
habla  .inesencia ,flu
ttering antacid pill and yr
ball cap steak ,pito ,pen
dejo mío - que te re
galé con mi dedo de
...vaine et monotone ligne.
- Stéphane Mallarmé

used lunch

fucking flog water ,eh
,molt ,pine a head the
sinking b rain  .shoes ‘n
b read yr floaty ex e
jection was saw ,my
p late c loud its fool ig
snore boiling you  .just
nod out and finger
peas ,giggling round the
hamster c age  .your
effort farting in the
...reptile inviolé...
- Stéphane Mallarmé


inch” duck flabber lick
the phone  ng ng ng  yr
noose blob “le frisson de ma
nudité” )dit Stéphane( just
agiggly-like ,ralphing
through the chicken aisle
.Snakes and toilet paper !
)lean into the fog(  a
)brush gleams with snot
yr(  omphalos fulla cat
sup )))))how’d I find this
towel ?
This will explain.
- Blaster Al Ackerman


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