Wednesday, July 31, 2013

cloud wind

cloud wind

particular layering of mortal
cross the abstorica blackest
words in the sentence center’s
smoking typewriter enigma
,backwards transformed again
ancient beginning in the zip
zoot suit ,required enamel my
sterious pyramid dressing
the archaic bog  )speed of
sweaty light(  lurking
plastic convulsions in a
single syllable blink shots
,the old library dimmer mirror
,socks ,floating flares in the
glass rooms stare at
“everything” ,eyes brooms
naked spaces in the
meat flushed tomb
stone’s anti-market base
ment update leading no
where ,spiral fetish in
sight motion’s sock ecosystem
your smutty clouds raving
sex secret convul sions
hermetic window reversible
analogies homemade loaf
coiled in the hour’s hungry
reductive games ,a
silent automobile matching
face stories sp lit a
wareness for the shadows’
aspirin closed groups glossy
tongues the next corner o
ver :complicit experiential
moaning in the lake’s pers
onal mud a page or
exotic labor ,identities
diving off the needle’s
class liberation labobroken
skirt dot dot dot for a
few...  “episode is epis
ode” rose door vastness

What I mumbled through Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 49, 2013;
& Ivan Argüelles’ “farther up the road”,
“LSD”, and “SHAKTI”, 2013


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