Friday, August 16, 2013

sky crow story

autocorrect discussions
,foamy sauce bankruptcy’s
gravel ,hammers ,shoes
involved where restated
on the skinboard fecal
salad restructuring the dog
wage’s crisis sandwich
ay the fiery toad b
lizzard baked my h
ands my fors my
whens’ cloud clothing
jerking in the knothole
off  )typesetting ,an
us(  named intestine
wraps yr leg salutes
chooses fawns in
dexes yams an
yarns the skeleton
in your twitching legs
.rats published ,amer
ican drills Pemex
dredging up the
aerosol you’re p
ainted dead white
the eggs of Chopin el
poeta es un pequeño
dios or aftermarket
emissions of the vacu
um cleaner the vac          
uum clamor vac  uu
mmm c lutch er  r    r     r     

With chunks from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint no Sentence,
Book 50, 2013


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