Thursday, July 4, 2013

voyager charnel étoile


chews or choose the ,shirt
gore bees wiggle down the
window of your pursèd
nest I ,burning leg pro
pped up next the grey Lago
de Petén Itzá los templos len
ticulares en el fondo del re
trete  )boil yr shoe(
clouds folded in the pages
where’s the voice

...siezure in yr beisbol cap...

...și închid ochii pentru a cǎuta un
om cu o barcǎ.
- Paul Celan


acetaminophin ,gut “check”,yr
:boil condition  .slumping on the
shore was ,omnivaricose or
,shuddering from the foot  .who
replies ,eats me  ?termite thu
ndering beneath the ladders
where yr jockstrap’s stre
tched ,Hun Hunahpu holds the
windy hair yr tonsured
mouth  .Fog and Lunch I
wrassled “you” or,,,  ?the
hungry shirts stippled
spots and charred...

tissue paper in the mouth...
tongues sticking out...
- Ivan Argüelles



oops ,snockered ,labor re
tentive where my thun
dered leg retracts ,yr
sopping suit ,an riftage
,ni conexo ,ou les ailes
basálticas ,rivière im
mortal que muere I sn
ored behind the davenport
listened to the fridge
rumbling through the f
loor ,ectoplasmódico s
oy ,y mañ ana morfo
endórfico  ...ayer una pie
dra líquida        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

...une seule lune...traverse l’Ohio
- Vicente Huidobro


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