Thursday, July 4, 2013

your spill moons the black steps

your spill

too much      fog      blood
guest      re      jections      nor
in      nor      ob      vious      st
orm      compaction      where
my skin-stippled      leg      a
furry bologna sandwich
mice      clouds      loofa
where the tents burn      a
neck      left on the porch
movement      of the bowels
I kept      fat      poison
cucharas      for the dead

...ou nuage d’une certaine teinte...
- René Char


the beast’s comb your
,pile lobster ,gland
hammer rises toward yr
throat er ,oilsophagus
twisted in the lunch
.belts and lungs  .a
rutabaga mildews in the
fridge  .sunk’s in a
lake correspondence file

oh the ceiling spiders
oh the scissors hiding
in your hair

...murciélagos y cucharas...
- Atahualpa

the black steps

the rubber leg  .whwhat
.uh ,busy feet ,an my
froggy knee twisting
in the rain  .oh you walk
the corner off  !toupées
and ]shutters[ ticking cob
bled street where ,Tez
catlipoca ,muttering in a
doorway penned in by
dogs  .hocicos y tinta

Ma oc achitzinca i tetloc yenican,
tenahuac, ayahue.
- Cantares Mexicanos


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