Monday, May 17, 2010

Quality of Stone

the lunchy stone slumber gasoline and tongue
the crunching form the number ,ash and lung
dancing on a stone and burning eggs ,the stomach
sandwich the toilet skylight the churning legs
swirling toward the gulf stiffening in their
oil and smouldered suit my wrist was can
celled my laundry lost in lunch o soil I
calmed my face in plunge my eyes in



Swallow It

ah my nap coat my mudded streets a
gainst the frothing signs the rain and wind
ow fattened toward the towering comb
.I shutter in my eyesight mail the lid a
corner sleeping in my bloody feet o rinds
of chain and home !nails rusting in the gut
ter my shadow turns around my flower my
“song” tumbles past the stage



the knocker balloon
the bull nostril
the blunder phone
the apt tooth
the corn swallow
the ash double
the mute cheese
the silence cord
the char mirror
the maize gullet
the able brush
the screwed wire
the sheer stink
the wurst glove

pencil lout the
crash foul the
mine natter the
list lint the
dead lens the
mortar pool the
mime nickel the
tongue lamp the
feather text the
broke stink the
hole stutter the
crawl dust the
mortal lake the
gesture coin the
jaw bulb the


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