Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lo Comido

trance of lago flexion ,the water swims
con agua gate of swell it was ,a
nunca with a siempre sagging in
the soup .stared the final surface ,sh
ape gumming past my ear the clown of
what I ate a storm .“turbulento” .musa
febril a shore it was ,a nate of gr
ass legation liga gargantal ,lo di cho
,lo siempre o nunca ,grifo brilloso to
da la noche my chinning sight face
down the bowl like algo flection an
alter grin sondeado en la garganta en la
skull fountain running down the mirror

Lo Efectivo

plenty cashink it you was in tenso fumaroso
.locks an names the skunk the lens ,trip
le entidad o “ente” diderado .slots the fork
hill never never nor was eated like that
greenish meat carnívora save the jails
.enter nostril what yr closet lents ,tum
barosos socks an shames the clunker
ends the entry drips the clocks talk
spills and sever off the seat my
liver et an .deposits all the bills
and stuns yr )pocket stunk with rocks


dog rafter ,tine business ,guns and
noodles craft a sentience speaking
ice .the ratid corner where my grow
inhabits ,dungthing ,and a cuff glance
.the nickeled beast behind my shrub the
brillo concupisciente que mis piernas
pierden lap’s a scanner louder than
my fruit and smoulder .past the
lumber burning off my porch

Ship Smelt

crash the sand drop meant stun the
sordo shivering on the lake my hoom
blister cash not hand ,clots nap be
tween my legs a roof suit livers tops
the coarse of phones .ash me nuts me
tubal litigation scrolling in the singfest
,scads of scans not what I see or say
.felt trouble ,and smelled the sunk
grey ship ,foundering on the coast

Wrote Vestibule

pustule place
it a gap
knock chew loom
pour off
space locker
lagging neck
dry to seem
fuller one
note tomb
mixto fleas
mace cloud
the clod furnace
tum sort
mate an miss
toot lung
throbbing missile
gum knack
schlong taste
mapa fundus
sung float

face ,dung

Wrecked Slobber

palaver noted
gut lens
pace of shouting
cause pool
final daze
the corner lapse
drunk knife
sore and cool
flag whimper
don the gun
place of stool
former snot
high cash lips
dust or pee
flung my neck
gosh a ham
drat torn
the acid growl
stung sick
never necked

gloat the liver

Fall Dormer

corner of
cash reptile
or gummy lake
while and pile
nab a spork
temp pest
rot an riot
what or whump
dry my chew
sod gang
pell nor mell
chow for dreg
clap plate
bang form
sudden rat
my do blunt
belt to shun
scry plod
butter wall

glove ,stutter

Sheet, Street

steep swallow
knife clack stem
blink or doom
blob neck
forge the tomb
bend an cry
wide slob
chew it for
wafting the
slam head
pull fort
knew the get
off soap
plunge cloud
folder moved
chum sack
the clog loud
several uh
thinks leak

follow ,sinks

Las Manchas

lavandería ,mi rincón mis
dedos núbiles mis ,tentativos
los cristales tremebundos lo
nato es ,lírico y lúdico ,crespa
mi lengua engatada que
te dice ,símplice ,abucarada
,muda y el espejo logorético
cae y sigue hablando ,re
volviendo el relumbre piso
teado de mis ojos no ol
vidados .mi camisa mojada mi
pantalón mi calcetín mi
pañuelo con sus manchas per
manentes y inmanentes des

La Vista Es Sueño

la truculencia mis dados
fonéticos mis trucas .com
binación de gafas lúgubres o
locales estrictamente la for
ma de mis pies .pues pies
de churrasco y chombas ,chu
los de sus sendas andanadas
.que se deshilichan en la
bandera de mis semanas
licuadas .agua de fango que
polvo era .y estoy de mi mesa
de juego debajo ,lucienfrente
,colinde con el cojín final

Já Cues

pedí la caca
lupa es
stornudo soy

plantado y plegado
sendas crispadas

rumbar ,mi
sterio el
sonido sordo

pesa roso pesa
dumbre peso

treme mundo
mis lapsos y

sombramántico mi
sobarítmia mis
sudares mi
soñar sonar

Lo Más

lambisco lo mismo lo
mesmo miento y
mudo ,mudo
tone lado

lenticular ,lamer la
locuática ,lentes
,lomismo las


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