Friday, September 18, 2009



lo e vhisto todo


senda luna
la ventana que entra

mustio dice





ni sípido
el lhibro


Cause ,Lust

rustling the plank
double doubt
your ache sky
tame the nail
cost knack
foggy growl
nest leak
tapes of worms
shut and scry
baste ass
hustling the bank
note locker
wall or wallet
drip walk
change of grope
speed my neck
slut pile
fan number
hole to
soap conclusion
crusting the sank
chopper oil
speed and fork
mile gauze

sank ,file

Clung Door

your link wrist
doubt too
chain of sinks
laggard water
cluck neck
slob hammer
chasing rinks
why the tool
face cough
pane of hands
it was ?
nodding soap
gust guest
chew the pliers
plug napper
sondar la caca
melt mute
spinning chin
the lake grease
creased tongue
“sponge mirror”
the power lid
moth and thumb

pissed ,cloth

Sung Page

age of corn
bort tube
sham sink
clatter gun
form swallow
gag the loom
trice candled
lake glint
gag hiss
hair mint do
plunder slag
taste or ash
glock whistle
met the tomb
faltered ,gristle
meds clunk
jowl lamp
pie or seal
chase the noodle
log brick
fundo towel
got tongue

shorn an shot


,sloping ,greasing ,slobbing ,timing ,cashing
dusting the tiempo fries ,toilet falter
,said my flame my rife my cop pants f
lying ,ever halfer ,stormed ,nodding ,sto
mached like a tool ,my rut runt piled
,lobbed the notebook toward my arm t
hat sob hoping ,freezing ,clocking ,frying ,sp
lashing nickels in my soup of beans and gr
ass ,what’s the smoke is ,a thought
“increase” ,or scalding toward the bowl my
steam shines ,my soil water ,my crusted
name crumbled on the rice

The Hands

desk plunger ,same ,dense of cram sense
,foliation ,punchlube ,was “chasing” the gag
saunter ploughed my shorehead ,essent ,leaps
,tossing ,the shaper growls ah my noose ,p
lank floats across my drinking spawn my
“thoughtless” thought it was ,frosted pages
bury my feet ,issuance ,guntime ,danced
,cowering in the chews my wrist the name the
lung the rest ,lens of sham obviation ,w
hat it was ,a corner thick with dreaming fans

Cluster Shot

cluster fog ,towel ether ,pine to shape the
slumber heel and fog gathered in my hat
.glue the checkbook heel the withered carrot
shaped like glue and’s time to smoke .I
named my smoke a corner fumbling keys and
ripped my cheek .my cornered shorts were
singing oh my cloud book soldiered off my cheek
a spinning bathroom or was that me ?my cloud
?speechless and infused ,with spinning ,slabs
or teeth lost in speech my itchy napping
,coughed my ether teeth were lipped or s hot


nostril sanctity ,quavering in the loop sun
,deads or balloons your nap whistle ,cow
loop a tossed aside ,a shingle glowing in the
wind or nap ,my grizzled lung my n
ape aside the mattress spun and clustered
.grind the wind funnel in my floating cable
slacker rusts upon my mattress sense of
suitlint in my grinding teeth ,what snore
what rust what slobber ham’s twisty door
wanders from my suit .my nostril capacity
my door smoke flickers like balloons beneath my


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