Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hat Water

bubble ganger ,plucked dander crawling in
my stew and sluggish ant ,baloney aim or time’s
bologna danced ,drape my brick with slabber
birth .issued fog sunned keg stopped
lock ,clicking .the heavy page my stool
contains ,a swirling bowl and ha so many
pies )piles( dim beneath the faucet .my
whining gun dribbles my ,chase it off ,that
double hand or clucking flaw ,what grew
inside my flushing hat


tender clubbing ,end ,spy or wave ,ask me
which’s ,storm rafter’s clotty one a pool
stink ,er kept my frame ,piled of nat
ron ,sleep against the door .hefty oil
an nacre ,slender tubs and why save the
list’s form dries the ,knocking off my
comber ,spread across the sand and
down the other side no puzzle’s left it’s
all a puzzle like my eyeballs roiling
in your sockets


each stam mer e ach com ber ea ch
neck I savored in my b linking h air a
d ust inaque a w ave n ester f illing in my
s leap pis tol mite y s lumber c rawling in
the woods .foam soup ,f lange m ile ,r after
dearth of lug gage tags ,I cough spine ,d
id “no t hing” but was all ,a s tunning r
inse c limbing up the lens .p age of stinging
lon g b oiled armp it my p lunging in
in the atom sphere


en torno de
la bulla


y cat


émbolo tull
canca nadta


Tal Vez

el pulso se
mi ñaña

“lo tentativo”

Deep Slave

cave and shudder
eh hamp
er gítate
the clung one
nap lint
slebpt tongue
ah cross pool
soda meat
try to lift
cup grease
shoulder time
restive neck
cage and mutter
tomb dong
said the fork
cough sky
the leaning age
get heft
off mist
the dock steams
forget the flood
fake sleep

utter cake

Deep Splash

watch feet
bind the face
latch dust
folded bee
brake slave
issue froth
never one snore
maze of storm
sat corn
catch seep
stop beat
sordo estás
main drizzle
colmo de
funambulesco es
some or thing
door crystal
gut you see
finish tooth
saw the wind
puzzle grunt
shot sleep

meat ,spot

Gristle Dust

gust a door
loom peel
shoulder gag
said my lube
sand mice
tires leafy
age of cash
just a floor
brink towel
tower sink
paged my arm
lone tent
fog number
my tool splashed
crust a drop
slab brick
busty snore
space wheedle
I took shot
gap suit
dry whistle

bore ,fly

Thin Clods

sodden pullet pal
dual soaks
leap a raft
dodge deck
said a sink
peel your fog
fumbles one
my plodding
bullet gal
truly numb
er fed off
pale douche
bladder note
I think a
“form” mile
ouch sock
cash stunt
lobber or looter
days of chum
molten water
if your gun
damp spin

mal lamp


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