Monday, September 14, 2009


stun my clot
her nor wee
the hangers sing
greasy dome
log cramp
what I guest
not or age
tumb le flâme
chase ,limb ,nut
sorta crashed
nor lump
get cloud clap
summer lice
what slept jewel
longer than gas
my lung lunge
ape I sleep

sheet ,gun


itch thought
my crumb knoll
ash and head
nor rip my
thumb drip
crunching gland
the sole it
shove drink
case of neck
my torn ,uh
mace fuel
sorta shovey
yes nit cause
your gap slime
came to clock
ice nekkid
nor was too

spoon an ditch


spell my ham
onda cloud
naca name
libel uh suit
force oh
hoe shingle
was a toot
butts fact
same and shame
the crest link
to holes
labor glove
rats and dice
nor lab root
plan to fry
my clock foot

loot smell

Sway Loose

boost my storm
slag neck
type clasp
said chump
lotsa spoons
gross my form
drink bent
miles an smiles
just smatter
insta mantic
antic comb
swollen hair
gosh small
time to lit
caver gun
knock away

form ,clock

Thin Fly

buy my neck
lot blow
stink and flow
fell nekkid
past the elbow
growl knot
bashing a sink
blob mule
my flint taste
guess who
never had stun
the shovel
ask nut tool
favor soak
dim and knife
guest dink
slaw half sewage
boil hymn
fugue state yawn
blubber spot
gnatty lake spin


Flense Shat

brat half
mud doom slept
cough meat
logos time rapt
pummel bought
long clotted pool
slag gut
mess of sickens
course laugh
blot nap crust
blood moom
must half rinse
gas link
trust the flood
ding porn
knotty beet form
slew or
what the cluck
spraddled gog
said my retina
cashed lens


Float Laggard

jagged tent
slab the shore
crib suit
break the twin
sho was
case of leak
dent city
along the face
place spoon
comer or corner
flag dank
fold the sausage
grass tower
bagging and bleeding
school boom
shapes the sidewalk
rot folder
strong half cash
deal leg
bums oh mute
tongue boat



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