Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hasta Abominación

la flacasa
entrar y combrar

mis nalgas

Puesto de Nul

carne lacrada
tomar la arena
ni esto es

mi cumbre

Fono y Foco

principio de cueva
lumbre hablado
pastel y pie

mis números

Born To Dry

single mouse
lap gut
trace the furnace

my booming

Double Thing

melt a
clrap a
tame sugar

my ah

Faucets and Strings

grunt happy
slaw neck
the dung beard

my nubial

Dirt Talk

leaper shadow past my drinker phone it’s
what you finger in the phone’s oil you sleep a
towel swallowed by my sleeping face nods and
funnels through my towel a burning wallet .fleas
and hairs ,wallets and crowds ,ice and melting
rings or hair inhalation in my darkening sh
irt ,a foam a tube a ring hiding in my anus
.the mustard laundry dances the foam grunt lifts
the muddy lifters scream and shit a corner of
your house falls into the drinker mud and talks


nor i chewed the ladder was your throat
plunging toward the waterfall the toilet crisply
outlined on the window ladder splintered like my
sandwich thumping in your pocket toilet dimly glows
beside the window splintered breeze issued from your
armpits ,thumping ,crowded ,croaking pistols fueled
with breeze or haircuts .my runny jostling at your
bedside heaped with crickets ,armpits ,nostrils ,so
ap nuggets in my throated haircut it’s a laundry crust
,crisply lootful shiny with your nostril thought and loud


butter number
and a bole
sky ham I
like a lake
it’s test drool
came nude
the shorter none
one gap
bent a fork
thought fray
my cluttered pants
lob my mute
gargle spread
torrid fake
slumber sink

blink and utter


gust neck or
the guest heaves
cloud plot
fence and life
my shoot rule
la caca come
aim your lice
the torn slat
shirt full
oh user ant
name my dice
chattered link
smell away
the sky limp
id note day
folded ,face

place and dust


usual ,in half
nicely gutted
tents of meat
your crust inhaled
a clod steams
my issued pool
or forcep clause
pants adore
lamp seizure
“fortune” piles
and nut phases
what I strewed
or mud chew
like rabbit leg
gusting and got
mortal trouble

double ,refusal


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