Friday, July 17, 2009

Sheet Clot

the clotted stun soup I
slept so muttered even
I could leach .dot dot
it said ,or .instance
slotting ,map of cones
against the bed or be
rm .the fat ice con
traption spoke a bub
ble ,met a mute or
one et’s whut nigh
welters ,gagging thro
ugh the sheet

Lap Truss

speed truss lamp sock name
my chigger fantod or ,cage
of glandlight and my gripping
pocket where is that yet
dribbled from my belt .caw
mute uh ,pendulant forceps
where my handsome grease in
hales ,lêvre-like ,indagation
,fuel levers when I churned
the switch hash neck gl
ottal phone I gargle in
:I turned the switch and
flared down in my lap

Lens Brims

thuds and brims dries and
corners lost and ground to
busts the windowpane .a
clock of fruitflies smiles
crowns on me my breakfa
st pizzled coffee walks a
way the grinning mud fried
and tossed the doorway bl
ooms with dust .my poc
kets stone where my h
and is locked my butts and
foam my craw and needles
tongue and cracking lens

Hot Stool

hot humping in the flooded pantry
nor sent
nor sot

festered mule numbered on the screen
heel gack
roar soon

list of cowered snacks you glossed
dent mine
met gun

drop suit
loom wrist
doubled splash against my shocks

seether grime
sought mute
funded asshole kicks the seat

licks my
chair loot
sudden chunks floating on the stool

Snore Seed

seed fog
fog stool
turn your leg from side to side

apt ash
nick coat
really issued like your gnat

so blent
type rasp
sped the shoe inhaled

brought your cow unfolded
lint jewel
itcher rag

so my pool was coughing feet
loot thumb
blat cloud

nuck and fought and corner spill
shat shot
shot snore


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