Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thunder Fingers

filter full of fingers
rasp life
clod newel

stunning rice your neck
choke suit
lop tunnel

crash the water through the soup
bloom gun
fought sun

melted closet in your backside
wrist rent
slung the

cower and drape and soda water
fungus light
dual tempted

sung the ladder in the lake
scrawl mule
tub thunder

Pocket Dung

dung flute
hop pie
gas in the heating duct

chew thot
lung mice
the clippers floating

sap neck
tore lube
glanded like a thumb

rim pool
pool nest
slurping in the compost

course lang
ding coarse
slumbered toward the jewel

lit time
force lint
stones sparking in your pocket

The Lightbulbs Exploded

throttled bag ,woods filled with
shining sticks and bottles flame
walks inside my hat puzzled
logor apta fingering ,dot latex buz
zed and staples ,leaves like
plastic bags the creek streams
with oil and rotting eggs the
basement locked and flooded my
lungless floating book my spitting
at the window my eyes open
in the greying light

Wind Satchel

tongues of luggage mlask dancer a
sleeve fills the boat mutage whee
I ,ape an ant ,flibp the turkle
shoulder clunked beneath the leaves’
drizzle nodder ,goat swamp ,I
tied my hand to a tooth rattling
in a sieve oh ice and meat ,try
and list ,a tower of oil pointed
at the earth my lung age my
gassed spanner cross my cliff or
jaw my armpit useless my bi
cep rolling in the mud my
dusty voice spills the air

Meat Spoke

slab the focused steak I slippered
in my breakfast ,loony sinking the
cheese ear slapped the tipped buzz
of your contusion and my feet were
filled with cofeeeee my ,jerking
pen is smoke inside my shorts
.yeah haw intusion your hand con
fused with sand what’s form and
lies what’s lip and faucet dust and
doubt shining in the plaza left which
gunner was it ?the age of ,sty of
,crash of ,light of ,mute of

Land Width

led to croaking in the undershirt it
slid a maybe toothbrush shines ,lum
ps and corns ,a window rings the dirt
half you betray I chewed the sleeve
.moth and balls ,ice and motor oil
hair squirming in my watch I
blamed your flooded sock ,limply
crawled across the puppet foam a
liver whistle floating in your coff
ee there’s my throat inflation
bubbled and useless polished like a
mask of glass I wiped my ash with


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