Monday, July 6, 2009


bomb collapse truss collapse tent
explosion fish control my armpit
sneeze the shallow lake inside
your hat so tentativo tempted
faucets far beneath the floor
a steaming bowl the elote floats
I’m rolling down a hill or
steps the structured clouds col
lapse the clocks collapse the
counting in my gloves and shoes
what swims away beneath the trees

Lo Seco

sed the clicking in the cave sed
the poured it off sed the eye
off to the sed sed the mouth
fulla sand sed the río gushed
out sed the clouds dry as
smoke the books burning in
the plaza the shapeless sed be
hind a door a dog path pain
ted white with sed the fan
screeching in the corner


the brick tongue shot the
fango flopping suit can
cels out the pistol grip the
leathered lintel ,dripping view
from sheet below what
crudache burbles in the
cheeping anus or your
aimed to freeze .your thick
gun troubles your scew
spraddle leaking your
hopped dung lamp siz
zling in the rain


rug lint eye lint cash lint meal
lint doll lint force lint clod lint
pill lint hash lint mile lint mist
lint drill lint slap lint spore lint
hush lint cram lint neck lint sore
lint list lint bomb lint pale lint
dug lint rat lint said lint itch
lint mate lint dry lint melt lint
tool lint fool lint pool lint crash
lint tongue lint page lint door lint


saveur d’equipage



Mute Mot

la caja
los libros quemados

sorta flaco
halt gas

enter into
into ente

slit cough
formar the foam

butane o beauté
block o beets
bend an borne

root suck
chamber fuel
it’s shot

felt o flamme
spills it out

hog crust
chamber hell
fog gristle


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