Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drawing Near

ice nuts ,the rent bucket st
inks my shoe creeps down
there scene through the hole
red ants around the heel I
clocked away and kicked the
.“luck” impaction ,an oarless
throat wrassles with my bo
lus utters some kinda lumbp
,er loose cheeping from the
gut .sent my pool poured the
lumpy goal was sanditation the
scalpel I forgot .forgot the
bloat splashing at my back

Half Tongued

half bubbled half blistered h
alf barking behind the door
half clouded half mumbled ha
lf glistened in the rotting soup
half numbered half thought hal
f sunned and mooned half gut
tered in the briefcase half lou
der on the sofa half hallway
filled with gnats the window
grinds away the ceiling light a
drain sucking at my tongue

Sleep Worm

lop junk I pedaled an sno
red I watched the suitless
sniveling cross the sheet the
basement full of sodden ca
rdboard lapse of drinking th
rough the suit lint my on
e eye impaled my two re
versal sees my brain a th
rong of redworms unknotting
walked I a tiny circle dit
hered like smoke and wa
tered in my sleep


done to initialize the cumbers
tone or gristle in the d
ark pants the foaming p
hone and noodle rinse
.to raze the listed wall
or toilet brimmed with mu
d my wallet towered in
my sleep ,to flow torn
gasoline your finger g
roping through the drive
way cracks the sticky d
irt the loss of all your shoes


the seeper gun my throat de
tails the seed sun .my fi
ngers sloping toward ,my as
terisk or neckless hissing ru
st knife ,crash claw ,a box
of quivering teeth and rubber b
ands the mice are leaving t
he blisters iridescent the
creeping bottles empty bull
ets gravel fills the coff
ee cups and I raise my
arm to speak a bran
ch flies off

Utter Sleep

utter ham slumber comb
a slop
a sent

gift of tunnels in the laundry
hot muck
came fork

shifted and shopped and sugared
test trunk
ankle seems

lost and blubbered in the motor oil
view shaft
dock cluster

miles of tongue the sliver holds
sure lapped
trout loot

bubbles where songster shapes
the chop
the sleep

Eye Molt

molten hum
and molten
sot the cheeser in your crawl

few soon
mutter half
dime or went or craved the

shut hiss
dong mute
feathers and ice shudders up

clue drum
real sunk
buy senseless runner

time law
bum tomb
scoot aback or whistle din

beet mud
seize roof
dangle the shoe before your eye


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