Wednesday, December 31, 2014

flux cause toute chose

dans le silence de pseudo-silence
collage and entrance image ex
orbit drifting all from light ha
m mers cluster around the
mouth dans un dernier mur
mure cut through the s
lick leaf c loud floaters sn ore a
bove your drill pipe your eye fog
swirls and scrawls son ombre
une nuit de paper concrete in
terruption in the rushing shadows
where the binding burns a
stream acré canal des miasmes
d’oxygène opposing anti-
social anatula eats the mass
of hair rattling neoliberalism
- bloated corpses’ slow dis
integration before the beach -
silence vide nue ici vide si
lence arises in the liquid
work’s eruption of the ladder
clouds of heads potatoes bo
bbing toward the ships
turn in drowning sun u
ne heure avant the flail
ing de toutes ses dents
la voix qui dit vis seas
hushed far from out the
fever edited flies budget
envelope in language of
asterisks and parentheses
an itching in the ears *)***(*
*)**(*(*** ne sais comment
les vieux arrêtes writing un
derwater archaeological dis
integration pas à pas nulle
part nulle part ni trêve à
rien the stroll collapses the
gravel glitters in the sun
the same stone becomes
its own distance

John M. Bennett channels four voices: Samuel
Beckett, “Mirlitonnades”, ca. 1977;  Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 97, 2014;
Ivan Argüelles, “ilion, omikron”, 2014;
& John M. Bennett, Dec. 31, 2014.


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