Sunday, December 28, 2014

L on earth

raincoat’s no good

swell shuts the f
og calen dar me focos d
ame papel sanit ario que
no me veo el ano anular
)La () Luna () de () L()entes()
la nada sees     ,,,,,or
seas rising toward the peak

turn the page

chopping and farting
next the Lake
which never was
a thorn shines
a night inhaled
a splinter signs

in leg’s fold


pound it down

doubt luster came
an tabled the sack
comp action L ight d
ribbled out yr L ibps y
r shiny shirt yr chair
skreeeks across the floor

“wax an dolt”

choke it

LLunchy test ah
cable scrawled a
round yr neck a
silence phone c
rackling in yr cheek’s
just chips ‘n dip jus
t graveL swallowed

Et le lynx etoile…
- Olchar E. Lindsann


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