Thursday, December 25, 2014

ok inhale the fumes

cornered leaf yr ha
tted ham s hivers at
the wind yr eye a   T
ree ah dog’s smoke
twitches in the let
tuce bowl !!  the
long skull table pul
ses in its light   …where
yr hand…
…diesel salad…
-Ben Bennett


ever cooled the mirror?

age ham the
haft er doom
blown leaf your
farting ,daboff
,hamster vom
its in yr sandwich
looka here a ff
umbled ape face
with mustard sh

answer the phone

last 3 heads n
or left en g
ash ulencia m
aterial de ma
ttter whwh at
they ssaid  .or
nneck reggushed
or ,porcine sh
shadows in the



doubted cloud

the misted tires


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