Wednesday, November 26, 2014

(suit fog)

b ack filler lettuce Fordist
pi ano automobile graveyard
montado sobre un asno wobb
ler on the pattern floor a
s hoe una som bra de már
mol the pass age b ones su
canto fugitivo toot h and ver
bal was te the headless cher
ubim del limb o de mis sueños
against the s tale b read and
bumper col lapse do minan el
horizonte talking b rains de
un río ser eno ,copy shops ,sal
tos de los mori bundos walking
in the abra sions c oil no
home but Tenochtitlan ,ca mino
del re torno ,variables eat Chop
in knocking la es finge de
ojos oblicuos where the sleep
goes the snake map go es the
carburator’s milk dying in a
r ash dying en la azo tea
red onda ,mortecina ,traum
a deficient but looking for
the lights’ obsolescence in’s
dense entity of death
mod ular void de faz inmóvil
with the other frenetic
p eel the other dendritic
m ask l umbre de vol
átil orifl ama in the
ideological r oar
the digital offensive just
seemed poetry or a cow
afloat a cr eatic fish de
boca sellada f lipping the
pedals or capital see page
in an immense incommensurate
toxic s oil y mon te descor tezado
de la in finite inch of break fast
breath spasm and plumbing
de m anos de un ser invisible
the lamp trajectory the defensive
f light fusion artificios
destituidos de ejes bur den of
c loudwork ,secret de un naipe
falaz written in the cent
rifugal smoke of time’s
sm all wind ow ,shrouded Library
del agua estan cada

A Hack of José Antonio Ramos Sucre,
El Cielo de Esmalte, 1929; Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 93, 2014;
& Ivan Argüelles, “rochester”, 46 & 47, 2014.


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