Wednesday, November 19, 2014

mutt er flood

bleeding dog ,in the ,hoisted
park’s ddink fflag arf
ff fff ffff  the tire
closed its hole and slept
)your rounder foot and sev
ered( where the rope once
choked\\  clock in its
dust turns yr sav age
- soap and thought ,if th
ought could washedoff be -
:save the canine clittered a
cross the floor oh barker
barker cross the street
your illness churns cross
the street a hole conceals llevaba en su rabo el poco
fuego sagrado que allí había.
- José Lezama Lima



met last night the green s
tone s evered will my T
ongueless speech drips be
side the sliced tomatoes p
late I dropped my jaw the
caved in door spongy in its
mildew nests of ants and
wallet drying on the
windowsill metastasized the
drunk clock stone  j
utting from its face

Cette morte apparente, en qui revient la vie,
Frémit, rouvre les yeux, m’illumine et me mord...
                                        - Paul Valéry


cheese and lint ,frag
rant cloud the storm’s
rat raft my neck core
you sh adowwoda  air
the mice contained
where yr laundry driz
zled wrapped around yr
spinal hose  ~ ~  ~   ~
breathe ,rodentia ,teeth
,flag rant sock twists be
fore yr eyes rain cl
imbs the wall your ch
ewing your che wing your
chchewing mud risen in the
basement like yr ggristled neck

Tout ce que l’homme pouvait gagner
au jeu de la peste et de la vie, c’etait la
connaissance et la mémoire.
                                        - Albert Camus


is it?

lovely ants the towels
fold in dawn stains
the window where her
fortress opens was a
cloud laundered up
the steps and turns
the air

dreams a lawn
                                        shouldered with a dick


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