Wednesday, July 16, 2014

over here

where I stepped and s
tank the riddled cloud
;;;;;                       hat
benched in nor p
lowed the muscled grass
neck’s                     ,,,,,
con fusion in the lock
er room an numb
ers dimming on a
tiny screen just s
tep off here off
here’s the air em
bank ment throw



the shoulder

beast responder ,fog nnote
‘s b last numb er laun
dered in the sosoup yr
fis t remembered in the
spinal ggate or  ...steam
esffincter eff ort sa
id expected chord agkno
tted in yr gneck yr
cloudy socks lifted in yr
uh ,ooospoonooooo──


the itch

I spread the window sp
read the breeze will o
pen where the wall will
spread the hand I
held against the gl
ass is splattered with
your blood a hand
was closing in the fog is
churned in breeze

...slope and...

the definition

it was heaving THE the
abstinhocker swoll THE
should was is will THE
be cold in hot the fau
cet shakes THE wind
streaking from THE d
rain what THE is will
THE stop be THE static
mouth THE nodding laun
dry THE sw agger f
olded in yr attic said
THE what’s coughing T
HE singulation scattered
lung The  emptied of its

ho   he


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