Monday, July 14, 2014

lint lunch

this is the lurching lint the
blanche et pure thistle
maze and hive the fond
de l’albâtre this is
the day of uttered des
pair this is the day dans
sa main transparente the
day’s massive blank the
day of immense water
this is the day of the
house, ouvrez la tombe
the day’s white lab
yrinthine coil à genoux
et tremblante the endless
hour the haunted summer
this the day of ma voix
étouffée of the erased
cuneiform is the day je
ne vois pas le sang the
day this is of’s black
doll house of nos voeux
sacrés of the smoking
altar the pinnacle of pur
urlence this the day
des feux prématurés of
the other earth and
endless death the day of
ta sante colère of your
restless bone and ling
uistic interior the form
of ta sacrilège épée
this is the day of the
termites’ eternal shape
furtif et lent, dans sa
main les feux

A blend of Ivan Argüelles’ “orphic cantos”, 33, 2014,
& Alfred de Vigny’s Le somnambule, 1819


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