Sunday, July 6, 2014


the last time I cough
nest folded last time
will swallowed stone
flavor last time drilled
last time breath fell
off my face last time
spoken to the wall sil
enced last time will
cave the laundry in las
t time focused on the
first time whirled
in the wind tomorrow
last time stung the
fork last time will
chewed the button o
pens gate last
time my boiling fl
oor last time lept the
lept the scrawled dock
sloshed the vacu
um rising from the last


the last time I wrote that poem
the alphabet was arranged differently
- Ivan Argüelles, “orphic cantos”, 30, 2014



valve strong eye en
hancement’s insurgent
sea locked privation of my
dice bent hammer turns
its head in fog pee
n irrigation verbs
drop in fungus symptom
of the giblet mirror
bottomless possession
meataphor’s garb
age glans left
stroking in a ditch
nova crerectalism
or yr tourist clock
sausage orient the
fork flotation toward
the hydraulic gas
tools’ flotationistic
hichichicerate half
cooked ear intention
foams beside the
languid pen meta
pobreza y regen
eración del vacío


With flickering lights from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 78, 2014


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