Sunday, April 6, 2014

the test

actuation nest the coff  sw
itch or when ,I was Q ,w
aving in the grass or was  .f
olded in the eye my chest shut
ter snsnapped ,where the f
alling gnats cloud ,“intuition” ,d
rugged an b oiling in a
lintproud shirt  .expectoration
,coldproof ,sounded deaf to
me or Quickened under’s
muddy path

...these are the brains of the sky...
- Suyua Language and Meaning, ca. 1638


the thorn

..the or..
..long ,train the....sud....stone..
..laugh ,or diarrhea....where the..
..melted sleeve yr the forked nest....the listed..
..ham or....face....rails un..
..der....weeds....plastic bags..
..U....found the skull....the....liste..
..d....swimming smile....the single sh..
..irt you....wore next year..


the ditch

the busted dog enhancement
leaks or leaker behind the
door your plate will
swallowed dog and breaks
the crusted sill ago when’s
swelling was when’s floor
inhales the rapid laundry
exits with your dust::::::::::::::::

the dollared dog the under
flag ham ,outer snore it was



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