Thursday, April 3, 2014

the ants

powdered off ,relieving self
the gutter stream ,relieved
of powder and the scalding
shoulder was the self at
night the stream delivered
relieves the swelling bag the
gutter often clotted with
yr clod or self dereferenced
could be the night or water

...shouldered cloud...


el cuervo

el capítulo ciego que
rivered in the capítulo
tuerto was the corn sh
ining in the soup el nix
tamal spreading in yo
ur liver elote ciego que
veía mañana el riñón
tuerto del frijol futurista
futur que ya comía mañ
ana ma ñana jueves I
was bli nded corndog s
inks into the beans the
single eye spread into
the single chapter was
the start the start the end

...oye ¿no hay tumba?

the chapter

son g land an the neg
ck the gla nd was ch
air rattling in the wind
the negck c hatter, cha
ir b reaking in the sky w
as song and h airless lun
g y our lung the d ripp
ing b ook the pages dr
ip with milk a ch
air leg floating in the
stream was wind and
semen ,song con
gealing on the walls

...roof, a hole        


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