Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the foam cave

laundered FAT sandwich com
bs FAT address self-directed
FATAT glued beneath the chair’s
night FATT self-directed fetching
FAFAT novo night eyesore self-di
rectid FAT burned the lunch page
slight peppered FATTAT night
pelf directed shapes flickering th
rough the FAT eyelids FAAT’s
half serial elbows turning in the
FFAATT circles self-detected
muddied super vision TAF sight
body echo gagged in time’s
FATAT FAT furnace phase coi
led in the oven’s FAATT night
FA shelf erected T vibration’s F
AT election sockets FATTing in
the paper in the night river
in the FFFAAATTTTT rains’
shell convected in the wandered
night in the FFAT hinge tal
king in the FFAAT chains s
loshing in the sandwich

...torrint rapids...

With bits from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 71, 2014


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