Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the soon

is each ,the half ,
clamor sumido ,
a sore a ,pile in
cher ,came an c
layed the fog left ,
my spray my ,h ome
téotl ,nuttin’ ,i
s ,shape less or a
st rut a stru t ,
the hampered fog “l
ist” it’s ,un mu
gido en la a cera ,
‘s dtroubled clouds ,
the side in mazing  )d
ropped’s throat long
lumb er(

b oil boi l

the itch

speed of hey in dorm
ido lapse la cosa infér til
o la cohsa chosa un
bhasural in válido ,sin vaho
,con la aven ida de en
medio ,ruta de la sierra
seca  .plenitud imántica
,chase the steamy hole the
clouds de aspirina ,coches
cochineales que en el foforío
de la sangre esperan  .)f
aster than leg ~ ~ ~  come
and grind ,the instance folds

)***leaves blurry with bugs***((

the brick

ep to mantic uh oh n
or shshudders in the
backyard shshuntnted f
rom a the doOor a
cclue wwandered fro
m the rriverr  .esplain
esessence espropriation
of the ququivering llapster
)spooned pea soup dropped(
where yr ptomainantic
piedras pulmonares en la
mano echadas son  )¡vvom
ir!(  con los granos de elote
mezclados :at the porch
you stared for hours the
mice dragging hair under
the steps

what’s spspinning on the ffork


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