Monday, February 17, 2014

the lister

lost egg books histor re
mains alive the leg repeat
leg sot plows the shut black
earth’s preted books half
inchworm half blindtime uil
ding the foamy gate’s hour
stillness grammar push the
husk the naranja agria de tu
laundry running sleep acurve
the moment heaves eyes stor
the shackled string word kn
otted in yr throat

soaring skies the long head
ooom anth plosive

With splinters from Ivan Argüelles,
Olchar E. Lindsann, Peter Sherburn-Zimmer,
& Jim Leftwich, all in the chain of
Argüelles’ “argonauts”

the disc

glass freeze why gelid n
eck punct . uation’s vomitus
zero nods and hiding in the
buick motels where your
sot writer thunderer ass
ents to’s third mind topknot
ay a light blink blinks
out or context kills the
little bitches foggy in their
fragrant politics ,stool ,st
roke ,ghastly mail-art t
ension shod with pamphlets
and the long blank ocean
grunting in your face ah
in the boiling soup knives
sleepers squid combs socks
filing the religion offal or
mercury swelling in your
breath or plunged narr
ative itself ,smooth prong
hanging in the shredded
shorts your feg is shit
your rects shit tide shits
experime the clattering av
atar the code giggling in
her thighs can of syntax
boots stuffed with masks
the random camera swirls
over the mud-streaked snow
your tricks and aneurysms

With shreds from Ivan Argüelles’ “from
the hymn to Hera” &  Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 66,


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