Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the churl

elefantino ,tu ,la cumbre ,the
hosing nostril ,ectoflagic wa
vering before the pond
donde la cabeza se h
undía o aire ectopl
ásmico ~ ~  born r
ain ,doubter hymn ~ ~
yr massif ears turned yr
high broke tooth п л
)spoon the meat you(
acequia seca ,con in
secto figurativo con sa
bor in meditado con
los sindientes de tu plan
histopolítico...  )across
the glinting lake a st
st ony shadow 0 0

fog and gravel

the swift

sw allowed the tongue ,wh
at’s gate of joyous fool’s ,a
towel of teeth ,were st
ones glistening in the
surf ,high clouds span
the eyen ate’s light un
packing ,the latches cc
lickked backk the shirts
could breathe and yr
shorts ,in the corners k
notted ,itching’s con
text ,contain their
foam ,or your flight
toward the cup raised
to’s fisted view with’s
spoon toward “heaven’s
throat” up pointed ,while
you ,folded down ,put
yr foot in yr shoe

...De su roca natal se precipita,
I mucha sal no solo en poco vaso...
- Luis de Góngora

the rules

my ablaundry tension
s torrid history retrained
like torta ahogada mi j
amón emético my tous
led eyebrow ,taut the br
eeze lo instructivo th
rashing in a dog gone hole



polofrantic ,cobwebbed ,wh
ere the flac intestine w
ithers like your swordfish
flopping slower on the beach
.where the thighs lay
down where the story tw
itches’ skin of flies


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