Monday, September 9, 2013

also rain

slaw shirt ,storm the
tabled book ah rain
,festered sandwich at
your ,shaking ,stupor
,mouth’s fragile fund
ament or ,when angry
at the floor ,vacuum
.sentence ,choking on
the bowel ,socked an
sweltered ,c links in
side your dia ,si
noche era ,metrics ,an’s
watching the rock hush in

With cuttings from Reed Altemus’
“clipping astroglide”

senda bostamática

)flickering pencil(  wanders
thru the smoking toast a
solvent fly ,sin alas ,bala
nced form behavior ne
ver sin camisa ,shouting
at the pills  .the grass ,or
suffocation del poema dull
uh chorus ,megaphone g
lazed with shrink-wrap
where for once a b lip re
surges ,caused alarm ,su
cked into la cueva verde
.powder fog ,rice squeezer
,arousing ball que la mosca
squishes ,moth and phrasebook
swirling in the ,rusty elevator
que desciende ,defecation bor
der  .chattering ,shortless
,ignoring the trousered meteor

Pulsing from the tail lights in
Reed Altemus’ “a border flickering”


awake to sleep

suppose the shades of d
ark ,the afterswelling
combinations of back s
cratchers with your
breakfast hard boiled
egg the swishing grass
juice your mouth e
jects ,waited for the
light to empty ,books
and boxer shorts
folded on the wall ,t
his the room of sub
stance b lack or f
iled oil ,the drawers
of socks ,were nothing
but your lints ,born
of facial forms de
crystalizing in the wind

...retirarse a su lejanía de reflejos...
- José Lezama Lima


the pages’ water ,en
funneled ,where the
wheezing ear re tracts
the thought ,of burning
rowboat and a sinking
wig ,the flood of w
ashers ,of their dryers
mirrors ,and filled with
ants ,or commas sc
rawled across the in
dex ,trussed your
breath ,‘s vision cir
cles bangs the
bulb ,of brain the
fogger ,dusted ,s
pills out on your lap

...maddening rows of antique books...
- H. P. Lovecraft


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