Sunday, July 7, 2013

foster, step out, pull


fire’s the wall an’s
tout lumbers for
the streaming steps ah
ant condition  !]wr
ath of doors[  where
laundry moulders in a
tub yr bed sore see
ths ralphs fuming ham
.)yr tongue with in
testine’s tied intex
tual sublimation or
vapor where yr leg
once raised .Ythgim
Toggam ,oscillate the
tempus  !what’s gl
aring as you fell t
in the road
...detalenerc corpse...
- Olchar E. Lindsann

step out

Corns ,asleep in the
wake be ,hind my s
hed ,was wristled b
orn ungirled - fake
my shoudter knalb
egaggul or a bladed
wheel  “))clutching the
knifeedged disk((”  s
nore sure ,your foo
t c loud angle ,f
locking tornd the ragg
ed g ate  .ay min
dfull mur k allá ,w
ere I sc rawled the
sol  i       a       i         r
...nest of maggots
frantic for the noisome flesh.
- Olchar E. Lindsann


sodden chert the f
laking eye blade re
mixture in yr ant com
paction paté de fourmi
con escamoles my so
dden chest ,fakery m
ilks my thigh yr
ouch weed factor
what was  )))smirking
in the weeds behind
the dumpster

your lumpy foot

...glándula nasona...
- Nicanor Parra


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