Sunday, June 16, 2013


bus ted ,neg ck an
tow el fis ter w hap
yr outer r ange yr r
ug tawist  .bring bang
,a corcorvado jibbering
ín the basement where
yr thighs are stored
.radish ,cloud ,ball
point pen  .yr beis
ball cap fulla wire an
)))something dangly in yr
sh orts

the piled high the  )ouch(


what wron ran the
outer g crusty c
laxon cuddles in
yr armpit  .a wave
it was ,or w
asn’t that analphbet
dissolving in the tub

your cheese spray war
ming on the windowsill



pulldown ,eptmate con
haptimate ,afta shi
mming poured the
bindom s pandexed
shapeless anna s
peed mon key  .w’ere
I plopped the sack
down rubber ,pl
eased as rivers of
turds  .I bore cow
hops ,napkinned ,f
lagger shot a corn
bomb sw allowed
like yr green burr
ito ,rescued from
the lake

...pulga, comino...
- Nicanor Parra



nuage de merdre ,pouting
.fake negations fill my
shoes I step a head on
,ape a ,comb spladtter
,show er f ,lame the g
assoline yr sky con
geals  .c  .foam head
p lunder ,abpt to ,scam
per tow ,and t ,he m
,attress s tinking by
the dumbpster  .o rise
o paw the air !

I, The Stallion!
- “Swarthy” Turk Sellers


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